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Our tips


Our tips

Cleaning them properly

Using a knife, take away the residual grit from stalks and caps. If the stalk basis is too ruined or if the stalk is woody, it is better to cut it. The most aromatic parts are the cap skin and the spongy part, therefore do not take them away if it is not necessary. In any case, if you prefer to wash them under running water, it is better to dry them immediately after, to avoid the water absorption.

Cooking them properly

As a rule, mushrooms should be cooked in a pan with cold olive oil or butter, at a high heat setting so that the absorbed water can be released. When the grease (olive oil and/or butter) in the pan is clear and all the water is evaporated mushrooms are ready.

Preserving them

Mushrooms can be preserved even for very long periods. The most used methods are keeping them under olive oil, drying and freezing.

Practical advice for the frozen product

Frozen mushrooms must be cooked without defrosting them. After passing them under cold running water, cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot with garlic and butter or olive oil.

Practical advice for the dried product

Dried mushrooms have to be revived in cold water and reduced to pulp. They can be served as side dish. Minced with the add of a few olive oil drops they are excellent for canapès; with the add of bechamel sauce they are perfect with any kind of pasta. Added to the frozen product, they exalt their taste giving them a stronger touch.