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Porcini mushrooms quality


Porcini mushrooms quality

Mushrooms arrive in our firm immediately after having undergone a freezing process by -90°C nitrogen, in order to guarantee an immediate freezing and to avoid the unwonted development of ice crystals which would strip the mushroom of its aromatic and nutritional properties. During transportation they are kept at –20°C temperature. Once they reach the firm, mushrooms undergo the second manufacturing phase, which takes place in labs at the controlled temperature of –20°C, and which includes the manual selection of the best pieces to be sent to the packaging stage.

 The latter is performed by specific machinery, to assure a high quality standard in such a delicate stage. Only in this way it is possible to maintain intact the porcini nutritional characteristics and taste. Nuova Due P82 dedicates the same care and attention to the products preservation: it is performed at a -20°C temperature in cold stores "Electrical Boards Pego", which satisfy the EC N° 73/23 EEC, N° 89/336 EEC and N° 93/68 EEC directives, so that the wood savour and taste may reach intact Your tables.

Nuova Due P82 is certified ISO 9001:2000 (VISION 2000), a certification that represents the reference, recognized to world level, for the Quality System.